Procrastination – The School of Life


School of Life videos entertain while educating – which aways makes things more pleasant especially if your tackling a frustrating issue like procrastination. There are many reasons we procrastinate: fear, avoidance, frustration, perfectionism, time management challenges, etc.

Here is one pattern changer that may help. If you’re going to procrastinate make it for no more than 10 to 15 minutes and use the time to be semi-productive. For example:

  • Clean out your inbox: organize, file and archive your email messages.
  • If your are in school organize your binder or set dates to start long term projects.
  • Back up your computer or phone (download and organize photos or documents, etc.)
  • Clean something: preferable small that you would typically overlook like your door knobs, toothbrush holder, dust and vacuum your computer, etc.
  • Meditate (Check out Inner Balance)
  • Do those pesky exercises or stretches you always put off.

This way procrastination may not be quite as tempting and if you do procrastinate you will still be productive.

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