Steffanie works to understand your unique needs and tailors treatment to meet those concerns. shapeimage_3

She helps clients navigate life’s stresses and difficulties using treatment methods that are effective, active, and results oriented. These approaches include CBT, behavioral medicine, collaborative problem-solving therapy, positive psychology and HRV Biofeedback. She works collaboratively to develop treatment goals and strategies. Steffanie takes clients strengths into account, as well as areas of challenge. She uses a “broaden and build” approach using strengths, interests, and abilities to develop adaptive behaviors and thinking.

Steffanie partners with PCP’s, pediatricians, teachers, psychiatrists and other professionals to form a team that supports your wellbeing.

Anxiety . Depression . Social Anxiety . Panic. OCD . ADHD/ADD . Learning Disabilities . Mood Disorder . Loss and Grief . Illness/Disability . Somatic Symptoms . BiPolar I and II . Conversion Disorder . Seasonal Affective Disorder . Traumatic Brain Injury . Postpartum Depression